New Single Releases and Blue Note Fun

If you didn’t know, I released a new single called Freak of Nature!  It’s is a hybrid ska/reggae/rock song.  The message is about being different and to keep true to yourself.  I like this song musically and lyrically.  I co-wrote it with Gari Garrett.  Please take a listen and support Hawaiians that perform various genre of musicother than Hawaiian music.  Mahalo


To purchase Freak of Nature, click HERE

Things have been moving fast.  I took a trip and performed with Spawnbreezie and the Rugby 7 Tournament in San Jose, California where a small cold front came though and go us wet and cold.  It was a good experience.  I got to meet a couple of Fiji’s band member while we waited in that cold.  All together it was a good show.

From the trip back, I was thrown into a practice with my bros to practice for my Blue Note Hawaii debut.  We prevailed and the show turned out really well!  I am pretty honored to have performed at an iconic venue like Blue Note.  Mahalo to David Masuda, Paul Van, and Steve Keola for backing me in this project.




The following weekend I jumped in with Peni Dean and his crew and performed at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center for Shane Victorino’s free concert.  Then jumped over to Moloka’i for a show with Peni. Cool thing is that I got featured on the Maui News front page…so random! lol

What’s new….well I am tryst another single before ends.  It’s a song about the north shore of oahu.  I’ve been on it through out the year,  but my computer decided not to turn on.  It has been shop for 3 week now.  So hopefully I can get that done for you.  I also have another tour coming up with Spawnbreezie.  We are headed to New Zealand and Australia in January.  So watch for some pics and vids!!

Have a Happy Christmas and New Years!!  Be safe everyone!

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